Psion Handheld Devices

J&M knows that many POS and warehouse management solutions demand wireless devices for free-ranging data entry and review. For over forty years, Psion has built innovative and rugged mobile computing solutions that achieve real benefits for their users.

Psion’s handheld and vehicle-mounted solutions offer advanced technology, extreme ruggedized construction, and fantastic integration with third-party tools and technologies. Psion’s handheld models are made for both 1-D (UPC) and 2-D (QR Code) scanning and can also interact for RFID chips. They work wirelessly and securely via over ten standard communications protocols common throughout North America and beyond. Psion even offers speech-based solutions for hands-free and eyes-free inventory checking on store and warehouse floors.

Designed to function over long years in ports, warehouses, freezers, manufacturing facilities, airports, and more, Psion devices are ruggedized far beyond the realm of reasonable expectations to ensure that drops, hot, cold, moisture and other workplace hazards do not disable a device. Antennas are integrated for extra protection; freezer-based models carry internal heaters to minimize screen condensation; screens are encased in a thermoplastic elastomer boot (we’re not sure what that is either, but we’re pretty sure is strong and protective); and units are tested through a process that drops the unit 26 times for every face, edge and corner.

Psion devices give you the security, convenience, and indestructibility you need to tame a wild shop floor. J&M can get you there.