Radiant CounterPoint POS Software and Hardware

Radiant CounterPoint Point of Sale hardware and software — now with the backing of corporate owner NCR — powers tens of thousands of businesses nationwide and beyond. Whether you have one location, several hundred, or anywhere in between, Radiant tools can help you take your business to the next level. J&M Systems, one of only a handful of Elite-level Radiant partners nationwide, has installed, customized and maintained Radiant systems in wineries, convenience stores, national monuments and parks, retail chains with dozens of stores, and many more.

CounterPoint SQL and CounterPoint 7 POS Software

Radiant CounterPoint SQL and Radiant CounterPoint 7 are the company’s core POS software products. Both will boost your bottom line, accelerate your business, allow you to see your data the way you wish to see it, expand your horizons and leverage the Elite partner support of J&M Systems. CounterPoint features fast and easy checkout through traditional or touch-screen data entry, up-to-the-minute inventory with multiple price levels, customer retention capabilities for loyalty cards and credit limits, integrated ecommerce through CPOnline, and hundreds of customizable reports.


CPMobile turns your iPhone or iPad into a credit-card ready point-of-sale device for easy wireless use in your store and beyond. CPMobile offers secure payments, support for returns as well as sales, flexible subscription pricing to meet seasonal needs, device sharing across stores, and muc more. CPMobile can connect via WiFi or a telephone data network, facilitating real-time POS database integration. Standard hardware not only facilitates credit card swiping, but also barcode scanning for easy product recognition. Receipts may be printed remotely or automatically emailed to your customer.

Customer Connect

Much like tools such as Constant Contact, CounterPoint Customer Connect automates email marketing and newsletter delivery for your business. Unlike such tools, Customer Connect integrates directly with your core POS and inventory system to deliver ongoing and precise feedback not only on delivery and click-through rates but on actual sales lift and promotion redemption. Innovative autoresponder tools minimize staff overhead, as does automatic bounce management.

Customer Connect’s customizable templates let your shape your message your way and the product’s tight integration with your core customer list helps you avoid the list version maintenance headaches that so often come with the use of multiple tools.

CounterPoint Online

More and more bricks and mortar businesses are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by online sales. CounterPoint Online is Radiant’s ecommerce and web hosting service for CounterPoint SQL and 7 customers. Built-in Search Engine Optimization, simple setup and maintenance, easy customization without HTML editing and of course seamless integration with your core CounterPoint data turn the whole world j– via your CP Online presence — into yet another retail outlet.

CP Online supports automated shipping calculations for FedEx, UPS, and the USPS. It’s PCI compliant and supports multiple payment options. It offers instant Google Base online database submissions to Google to maximize your visibility in Google product searches.

Radiant Point Of Sale Hardware

From POS touchscreens and self-service kiosks to back office workstations and mobile payment terminals, Radiant offers an extensive assortment of hardware devices to compliment it software, mobile and online tools. Radiant practices focused innovation to provide non-stop sales reliability. Radiant devices offer faster order entry, increased order accuracy, better data security, and maximum uptime with minimum disruption.